We wrote the book on Nonprofit Sustainability.

Achieving sustainable impact looks different today.  It requires a different methodology and a new tool set.  We provide the tools and support system that create a framework of sustainability unique to each organization.

Nonprofits are typically unsure what their financial goals should be, often defaulting to the position there should be no profit, or limited profit. But financial goals are critical for nonprofits to do their work over the long term. We use the term sustainability to describe these goals, or by definition, having “the capacity to endure.”

We believe there are two critically important aspects of sustainability:

  • Financial sustainability, or the ability to generate resources to meet the needs of the present without compromising the future; and
  • Programmatic sustainability, or the ability to develop, mature, and cycle out programs to be responsive to constituencies over time.

Our services include:


This tool maps both the mission impact and the financial viability of an organization’s activities, providing a visual image of the organization’s business model in a manner that will foster discussion, provide strategic options for the decision-makers to consider, plus ensure they hold to both aspects of sustainability as they make decisions.

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