Mission Impact

Find a balance that’s not balance sheet heavy.

Understanding, clarifying and articulating the intended impact of your organization is one of the essential responsibilities of nonprofit leadership. Many organizations often end up with broad, vague and immeasurable statements. We’ll help you articulate the purpose of your organization, and then map out how you will achieve and measure results. We’ll also help you understand the community in which you’re operating to identify potential partners. If you’re mission is clearly identifiable, we can help you assess the impact of your current programs and create strategies to help you become even more effective.

Our services include:

Impact Articulation and Theory of Change

While leaders may understand what they are trying to accomplish, without a shared understanding among all stakeholders, they will be limited in their impact. Our work results in a specific statement of what your organization wants to accomplish and how you will measure its progress. We’ll also highlight the core strategies for impact and tie this into the operational business lines of the organization. Our theory of change flowchart provides an easy-to-follow representation of the cause and effect of the organization’s work.

Measurement and Evaluation

When we’re driving our car in an unfamiliar neighborhood, we look at street signs to determine if we’re on the right track. Spectrum’s measurement and evaluation process is designed to provide you with the information you’ll need to manage outcomes and make data-driven decisions about your programs.

Collaboration and Partnerships

Nonprofit organizations operate in a complex environment with numerous stakeholders and constituents. A thorough understanding of your community landscape, complete with other organizations, government agencies and for-profit businesses, as well as the needs of your constituents, is essential. We work with you to identify and build partnerships, increasing your impact in a financially sustainable manner.

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