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Leadership Advanced: Stronger Leaders…Stronger Nonprofits…Stronger Community

In times of rapid change and increasing challenges, nonprofits and philanthropy need leaders with the ability to adapt to and take advantage of changing circumstances. Leadership Advanced is designed to support outstanding nonprofit leaders as they seek to strengthen their organizations.

So often, nonprofit and philanthropy leaders are sitting across from each other when looking at how to solve our community’s most challenging issues. This program will bring these two groups together and develop leadership and management skills to guide Fellows collectively in transforming themselves, their organizations and ultimately maximizing the impact of the nonprofit sector in our community. This cohort-based, peer-centered, professional learning experience will be led by faculty from Vista Global Coaching & Consulting and Spectrum Nonprofit Services, two nationally known nonprofit consulting firms.

LA Offers Fellows

  • A diverse peer network of senior nonprofit and philanthropy leaders committed to learning and collaborating
  • A unique view into their personal strengths and leadership style through the Gallup  Strengths Finder Survey and Leadership Practice Inventory
  • A dynamic framework for leadership exploration and development through the application of skills in an on-going, peer-centered learning environment
  • A variety of experiential learning opportunities that promote innovation and creative thinking
  • Access to management tools and the development of skills to build strong, sustainable organizations

LA Offers Organizations

  • A leadership development program focused on today’s nonprofit sector needs and concerns
  • Increased capacity for stability, growth and impact through the focused development of its senior leader’s leadership skills and talents
  • A chance for the senior leader and board to strengthen their work together

Journey of a LA Fellow

  1. Kick-Off Event – At a two-day retreat, Fellows become acquainted with each other while gaining an understanding of the program, timelines, resources available, and expectations for participation. The session will focus on the role of the nonprofit board, the importance of the board chair’s role, and the development of the partnership between the senior leader and the board. The participation of each organization’s board leader for part of a day is a powerful element of this kick-off event.
  2. Learning Circles – After the kick-off, Fellows meet every 4-6 weeks to explore the role of leadership in the nonprofit sector. Each session will focus on a different aspect of leadership and management skills in the nonprofit context; using a peer-centered learning model, in which faculty guide dialogue among Fellows. Required readings and session assignments will be moderate, with emphasis placed on real-world knowledge and the development of a learning community.
  3. Capstone Event – LA’s eight-month journey culminates in a two-day retreat that engages Fellows in reflection on what they have learned, and in discussion of how the peer network can be further developed. A graduation ceremony will recognize their achievements. Fellows will be invited to contribute to the development of future LA leaders by providing feedback to the faculty. Board leaders will be important participants for part of this event.

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“Leadership matters, in terms of the pursuit of any impact that you’re trying to have in the world.” -Leadership Advanced Fellow 2014

“I felt myself strengthening as a leader, I added tools to my tool belt that I didn’t have previously. I’ve become more confident and more effective when I’ve tried to use those tools in my organization.” – Leadership Advanced Fellow 2014

“The notion of shared leadership, which is so important for sustainability in the nonprofit sector, is happening right there in the room.” – Mary Stelletello, Program Co-Facilitator

“Our goal for this program was to help nonprofit leaders understand better their leadership style, to develop their leadership style, to give them confidence and break down some of the isolation that nonprofit leaders feel in their position to build that peer network and then also equip them with a toolbox to be able to lead their organizations.” – Steve Zimmerman, Program Co-Facilitator

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