Financial Viability

Let’s face it . . . no one gets involved with a nonprofit because they want to do nonprofit accounting and finance.  

However, understanding your organization’s cost structure and financial health and how they interact with your program goals can be an empowering, clarifying experience.

Spectrum takes away the jargon and works with staff and board to build financial literacy which allows you to make strategic decisions about your organization’s future.  Whether it be through one of our trainings on Financial Leadership or Demystifying Cost Allocation or an in-depth review of your organization’s finances, let us help you better understand your financial picture.

Our services include:

Financial Analysis & Strategy

Beginning with understanding the true costs of running your organization’s programs, financial strategy can include: analyzing financial statements to determine your overall financial health and the subsidy required or surplus generated by each business line, exploring earned revenue opportunities, multi-year financial projections, developing a cost allocation plan and evaluating return on investment of fundraising activities.

Financial Systems

Savvy financial management starts with the right systems and structure. Spectrum develops accounting systems, policies and procedures and financial reports that are right for the size and structure of your organization.  We’ll also with you to design internal controls protecting your organization’s assets. 

Financial Literacy & leadership Trainings

Finance can feel daunting or cumbersome yet it’s an important part of governance. Our training gives your senior managers and board members essential financial literacy, helping them not only understand accounting statements but also teaching them key questions to ask. From beginning to advanced, we have your financial training needs covered.

Sample topics include:

  • Financial Leadership:  How to read, analyze and make decisions to improve your financial viability
  • Pursuing Nonprofit Sustainability: Based on the book Nonprofit Sustainability: Making Strategic Decisions for Financial Viability this course explores making decisions in an integrated manner with mission impact and financial profitability.
  • Demystifying Cost Allocation:  Designed especially for those agencies receiving government funding, this course looks at why cost allocation is helpful and acceptable methods for accomplishing it.
  • Dashboard Driving: How to develop a meaningful dashboard to monitor and adjust your organization’s progress.

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