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We wrote the book on nonprofit sustainability. Purchase your copy of our definitive series on creating and sustaining a healthy nonprofit here to begin your organization’s journey towards sustainability.

Using the Matrix Map to make strategic decisions

Recipient of the 2015 Terry McAdam Book Award for Nonprofit Management by The Alliance for Nonprofit Management and the Cause Planet 2015 Choice Award.

Cover for WebNonprofit sustainability lies at the intersection of exceptional impact and financial viability. The matrix map is a powerful tool for strategic decision-making which puts this intersection in the hands of nonprofit leaders.

To thrive in today’s environment, organizations must be adaptable with leaders that have a clear understanding of the organization’s impact and business model. This book offers nonprofit boards and staff the framework to do so.

The Sustainability Mindset features

  • Step-by-Step guidance for creating a matrix map, a visual representation of an organization’s business model
  • A framework for nonprofit leaders to assess how their own programs contribute toward desired impact and their financial bottom-line
  • Compelling examples of how the matrix map helps nonprofits with strategic decision-making

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NONPROFIT SUSTAINABILITY: making strategic decisions for financial viability

Cover1“For nonprofits, financial sustainability and programmatic sustainability cannot be separated. It’s not enough to have a high-impact program if there’s no effective strategy for sustaining the organization financially. And neither is it enough to be financially stable; we build our organizations for impact, not for financial stability.”


This how-to book offers nonprofit executives and board members a simple yet powerful framework for analyzing and adjusting their business models for greater organizational sustainability. It introduces the Matrix Map, a practical tool for determining the current impact and financial performance of core programs and fundraising activities. It also provides guidance on how leaders can make strategic business decisions on an as-needed basis, rather than waiting for episodic strategic planning. And the book’s guide to income strategies will be useful to nonprofits working to diversify their funding for financial viability.

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