Our Approach

Our mission? To strengthen yours.

At Spectrum, our approach and background in nonprofit management is rooted in the reality that nonprofits face from having been in your shoes. Our most successful work happens when we partner with leaders to build upon organizational strengths. We work with organizations of all sizes to ensure the sustainability of their mission, and pride ourselves on handing over the reins of sustainability to the organization. We’re more than strategic planners and we don’t subscribe to the outmoded paradigm of the strategic plan. Instead, we develop unique and flexible strategic models that are meant to adapt to the inevitable bumps in the road. Our approach focuses on education and tools to ensure client ownership of the model. Take a look around!

Our Team

Meet the Team

Spectrum Nonprofit Services guides and empowers clients to make ongoing strategic decisions that foster impact in the community in which they operate.

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Our Books

Learn about the Matrix Map

Our how-to books outline for nonprofit executives and board members a simple yet powerful framework for analyzing and adjusting their business models for greater organizational sustainability.

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Our Services

Discover our services

Tested methodology, textbooks and worksheets. With Spectrum, strategy becomes a learning experience. See our services and offerings here.

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